So, are you waiting for prices to go up again?
What if they don’t? What’s your plan?
It’s time to reinvigorate your mature fields.

Would you like to:

increase current waterflood production?
increase reserves?
improve well performance?

Wettability alteration can upgrade your mature fields. Your current waterflood relies on viscous force to displace oil, but wettability is a big factor that you probably don’t control. Did you know that simply changing the inorganic chemistry of your injection water can optimize your reservoir wettability and maximize your production?

Find new life in your old field. A single, successful pilot allows you to rebook reserves across the entire field based on the pilot results. Suppose you could get an additional 15% of the original oil in place. Would that significantly change your debt position?

The change in injected water chemistry may improve injectivity, eliminate souring, reduce corrosion and scale formation and may even dissolve scales, all improving your wells’ performance.

Understanding the potential that Engineered Salinity (ESal™) brings can help identify new opportunities in other properties.

No expensive searching for sweet spots or development of new methodology. Why bet when a modest investment can produce significant returns?  Why chase ever-leaner resources when established and well-characterized reservoirs are waiting for you?  This is an alternative strategy for the world in which we have found ourselves.

Engineered Salinity (ESal™) is the answer. The least expensive way to bring enhanced oil recovery to your field. Engineered Salinity (ESal™) produces results similar to chemical or CO2 flooding without the costs or risks to your reservoir.

  • Works in carbonate or clastic reservoirs
  • No change in normal operations
  • An additional 5 -30% more of the original oil in place (OOIP) from your field
  • Increased production in as little as 6 months after deployment

ESal™, LLC can substantially increase recovery from fields of all ages. ESal™, LLC is a small service provider to oil producers who want to extract as much of their resources as possible and entrepreneurs who want to find unrecognized resources.